Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sleep Schedules, and why silly Mommies don't follow them sometimes...

So last week I had two lovely afternoon's out in a row with two good friends of mine (separately).  Wednesday I went out for lunch (and ran two quick errands after) with friend one while friend two watched Thing One and Thing Two.  Her youngest is friends with Thing One and Thing Two just follows the two around. 

I had a lovely time out at lunch and running my two quick errands was a dream!  The first was getting some blush that I desperately needed at Ulta.  I have been thinking I needed a new container since before Christmas and since it is obviously almost Valentine's Day...yeah it was way time to actually make that happen.  I also ran to Aldi quickly to get a few last minute things for dinner that night.  Oh to be able to watch out for only me was so lovely!  As any mother with wee-uns can attest, it is always easier alone.

So after I scooted to my second friend's house and meant to stay for just a bit, then dash home so Thing Two could get a nap in.  That didn't happen.  I just have such a great time with this friend.  We have so much in common, yet she has older kids so she's full of great advice, and I just really enjoy spending time with her.  There are times our boys have more of a hate/love than a love/hate relationship - but we tell them to be nice and be friends (they really do enjoy each other's company most of the time).  So anyway, I didn't leave her house till 3:30 (BAD mommy!).  Thing Two fell asleep on the way home and didn't nap after (of course).  I did get her to bed early that night, but that is NOT the same as having a decent nap.

Flash forward (back?) to Thursday.  I attend a Mother's Of PreschoolerS meeting two Thursdays of month at a local church.  I actually started going to MOPS because of already mentioned friend.  We had already talked about going to McDonald's after for the kids to play and for us to rehash the events of the morning (like hearing from one that Catholics are not Christians and other such nonsense).   And as I said before, I really enjoy her company.  So we met, we talked, the kids played (and found some choice swear words in the tubes), and I finally dragged us out the door at 3:00 (TERRIBLE mommy :( ). 

I tried in vein to keep Thing Two awake on the way home.  Not a chance that was happening.  I did actually get her back to sleep after we got home and she slept for about her normal nap time.  But OH, was she cranky.   Like I finished making dinner with her on my hip cranky.  And she went to bed early.

The next day,  I watched a friends kids for about 2 hours which pushed poor Thing Two's nap back a bit later than I would have liked, but I'd already agreed to watch her kids earlier in the week.  Whatcha' going to do?  She slept her normal time.

Saturday, she did have a nice long nap.

Today, she had a nice long nap.

But oh my did she go down hill quickly tonight.  And she went to bed early again.

Sigh.... I know better, and I paid the price for my time with good friends.  It seemed worth it at the time, but this week, I'll stick to our normal nap times.

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