Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not designed by a parent

Today as Thing 1&2 and I were leaving our MOPS (Mother's Of Preschoolers) group, we had a bit more excitement than normal.  As usual it's always a tad of a struggle keeping Thing 1 with me as he wants to stay and play (and run around crazy) with his friends, while holding Thing 2 because, though she can walk, it's much faster if I carry her.  I kept the train going by telling Thing 1 he could push the elevator buttons if he got there before I did (he loves pushing buttons including mine :o as most boys his age do).  The three of us made it inside the elevator and I set Thing 2 down as it was starting to feel like I was carrying, well a 25 pound squirming child.  Thing 1 pushes the buttons like he should and of course Thing 2 wants to "help" too.  And what button does she push?  The button that was the most accessible to her small little hand.  The button that was in bright YELLOW.  The "Call for Help" button. (Did I mention the RED "Alarm" button was right above it?) 

Why, would the designer of this panel of buttons decide to put the most fun buttons which a child would be drawn to push where they are most accessible?

It's not like I didn't try to stop her.  But realistically, she was closer the buttons, and when a small child wants something, it is amazing how fast they can move. 

Now nothing bad happened.  I went to the office and told them what had happened so they could call the alarm company.  Not a huge deal.  I was told by another parent who I was regaling the story to, that it happens nearly every time we meet.

Clearly this panel was NOT designed by a parent!

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