Thursday, January 31, 2013

The 14 days of Valentine's Day....Kiddo Style

Hi all,
    A quick post before I head off to Target to procure supplies.  I was inspired by one of my fav blogs The Mother Load written by my brilliant friend Heather.  She is putting on a "14 days of Valentine's" for her kids.  I figured though it's starts tomorrow, since it's only 14 days as opposed to 25 days like Christmas I could pull this off.

I pulled some ideas from her blog and another one that I Googled, We Love Being Mommies. 

Here is my quick list in case you feel like throwing this together.  My first one is $$$ which you probably have laying around the house.  You could do this.  And, as my Brilliant friend Heather says, my kids will be shouting from the rooftops how awesome a childhood they have.  Or at least I'll redeem myself from today when I so meanly forced Thing 1 to help me sort laundry and had both Thing 1&2 pick up their toys from the family room.

Happy Pre-First day of "14 Days of Valentines"! :)

1-Feb Fri/School Pancakes/Syrup "I syrup love you !"
2-Feb Sat/Sheri? Donut Holes "I love you a "Hole" Bunch
3-Feb Sun/SuperBowl Stickers "I'm stuck on you"
4-Feb Mon/School Gold Fish "You're a Great Catch"
5-Feb Tue/ Animal Crackers "It would be un-bear-able without you"
6-Feb Wed/School Apple snack "You are the apple of my eye"
7-Feb Thurs/ Pen/crayon "You are just "write" for me" "you color my world with happiness"
8-Feb Fri/  Money "You're my treasure"
9-Feb Sat/FMSC M&M's "You're "Marvelous" and "Magnificent"
10-Feb Sun/  Teddy Grahams "Your bear hugs blow me away!"
11-Feb Mon/School Cars "I Wheelie love playing with you"
12-Feb Tue/Ilove2Read Bubbles "You blow me away"
13-Feb Wed/School Sucker "You make life a little sweeter"
14-Feb Thurs/ Lucky Charms "You're Charming.  I'm lucky to have you in my life"

This list may change slightly depending on what Target's 1$ bins hold :D

Thanks "The Mother Load"