Friday, March 2, 2012

Cheeseburger Pizza, Not quite there...

     So tonight, Dear Dad (DD) is working late, and I was scrambling my brain as to what to make Thing 1&2 and myself for dinner.  (For those of you Stay At Home Parents I know I am not alone when I say dinner morphs when DD isn't present. It usually goes towards the breakfast for supper or "brupper" as I call it (even though I call it dinner usually), or something really easy, or something that I'm not sure DD will eat).  Tonight, there would be no brupper, as I'm out of eggs (not in the mood to drag two kids to the store), and then I thought of picking up a $5.00 pizza (they have a drive though, and they're not half bad for $5.00), then I thought, "hey, why don't we make a pizza".  Of course Thing 1 wanted pepperoni, and something in me said "cheeseburger pizza." 

    So I threw all the good stuff in my mixer, made some dough, and proceeded to make the pizzas - kiddos first of course.  The pepperoni pizza was pretty straight forward, with the exception that Thing 1 insisted that it be in the shape of a triangle.  For Easter.  (He decided this should be the recognized shape of Easter - triangle Easter chocolates coming your way soon ;).  So a triangle pizza we made.

    While that one was cooking I made up mine.  I had memories of Godfather's Cheeseburger Pizza floating through my head the whole time.  Unfortunately, it didn't quite turn out how my memory expected it to be :(  It was, OK, but not great.  The crust was good and crunchy, and the flavor was OK, but only so.  I was going for mouthwatering, I want to eat the whole thing, great.

Here's what I did:
  • Dough (I added garlic and onion powder to it)
  • Sauce (equal parts Miracle Whip and Ketchup with a good squirt of mustard)
  • Browned Beef/Turkey mix seasoned
  • Mix of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese
  • Dill Pickle coins
     I made it on parchment paper, on top of my Epicurean  (got it for 40% off at my fave Knife sharpening place) cutting board, for ease of transfer.  (I'm in love with this cutting board - it's heat resistant for one thing - but that's another post).  Baked it on the parchment for 10 minutes on my pizza stone at 400 degrees, then slid the paper out, so the crust could crisp up, and cooked for another 10 minutes.

Here's what I think I'll do next time
  • Pizza Sauce this time? Or leave out one of the three condiment/sauces
  • Either use relish in the condiment sauce so there is more pickly-ness to it, or at least at pickle juice to sauce.  Or add pickles after it's cooked
  • Add sauteed onions to toppings (I was too lazy to unthaw mine from the freezer)
  • Add Crumbled Bacon
  • Plan ahead and have lettuce and tomato to shred to top after it's cooked
     So I'm wondering if anyone has made lately a cheeseburger pizza they really loved?  Or have you dined at Godfather's and had their deliciousness lately (I'm really curious if they use a red sauce or a condiment sauce)?  Any pointers?  Any thoughts on what I could do for next time?

     Maybe I'll try recreating a BLT pizza next time.  Jet's Pizza makes a mean BLT hand tossed....yum...good thing I made the gym this morning ;)

***Editor's Note: I'm feeling better about my creation - DD just got home and had some - he said it was "yummy."  I'm also feeling good about myself that I was able to save $$ by making this at home.  I was looking through today's mail and noticed a Papa Murphy's ad for a Cheeseburger Pizza for $10 - $12 for the family size.  ***


  1. I'm pretty sure I've never heard of cheeseburger pizza, but I'm pretty sure that I want some! The pickles? Fabulous idea! I need to try my hand at this. I may have just figured out dinner for tomorrow...thanks!

  2. If you end up making one, let me know what you put on it, and what you think :)