Monday, June 4, 2012

I should be folding laundry

Literally.  And I have about 8 thousand things I should/could be doing.  And here I sit, on the couch, laptop on top of my lap, glass of wine at my side and bag of chips and top the tator who I showed who's boss.'s one of the those nights.  I'm tired, itchy (took a Claritan, not helping so far), and a bit pms-y (yep sorry any guys who happen to reading and hence the chips and dip), and I have a blister on my thumb which is really annoying me.

I have SO much on my plate, I'm feeling a bit like crawling into the fetal position at the moment (could I still drink my wine???).  I've got the kids birthday party on Sunday and I've done bub kiss for that besides the planning of the food/cakes etc.  I got "promoted" from worker bee of decorations for VBS to in charge of VBS decorations.  And the blister is from cutting palm leaves, of which I still have about 3/4 to cut still.  Did I mention VBS starts the day after my kids party?  And set up is the day of the party? (Good thing, a VERY competent person is taking charge that day or my OCD, Type A self would be having the shakes even more).  Oh yeah, and I'm getting married in 6 weeks.


And my house, well, parts of it are basically clean, some rooms, one of which I have to clean and ORGANIZE before Sunday looks like an F5 went through it.


And here I sit. 

On the plus side, going back to some of last posts, the gym thing is going well.  The other day I noticed my chin has more of  clef in it than before.  Yes, I've actually lost fat in my chin.  And I have to say, I really like how strong I feel.  I feel it incidentally throughout the day.  I'm pretty strong and I like it.  I like that I can binge a bit and my extra muscles can compensate.  (Mind you, this doesn't help in the weight loss, but at least it's not a weight gain).  I like that I've actually have weights on my bar when I bench.  It makes me feel slightly less like a girl when I'm doing it.  And my cardio side is definitely improving as well.  I kicked some serious but on both ends this morning at the gym.

Anyway, I should finish this glass and go to bed so I can get up and run off some of these potato chips and dip in the morning.  Oh and bake a couple cakes, fold a few dozen baskets of laundry and attempt to tackle the scary room.

Sigh.  Thanks for listening 10's of people who might read this.


  1. I think red wine helps with this kind of overwhelming 'i have too much to do and the laundry is reproducing' panic. Good luck Jessie! Give yourself some grace and enjoy your kids party. It will ALL be good. As a side note, I lose weight in my chin too! In fact, when I am doing really really good, one of them completely disappears! ;-) )

    1. LOL Toni...thanks for the love :)

  2. I'm listening - I love to listen! And I feel your pain...I've got loads to do and we're at my mom's/in the cities this weekend for my cousin's wedding. And I decided to "take the day off" yesterday and take the kids to the MOA. Much needed, but oh, so much to do for the weekend today. And honestly...prioritize. Nobody said you had to make a cake from scratch (except my mother, who only bakes from scratch!) and the scary room? I'd just close the door and tell people on Sunday that it's a portal to the dark side!