Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poor Ma Ingalls

So today is a full moon (I think, or so I've been told.  It looked rather large yesterday morning).  And I think my kids got the memo.  Thing 2 was very whiiiiinnnnnnny all day and Thing 1 was just a pill.  All day. For instance, one of his daily tasks is to feed our two cats.  This has never been a problem before today.  If the cat food container is nearly out of food - he tells me.  He's fairly responsible with this task - until today.  I asked him to go feed the cats after breakfast (like normal) and to let me up after (we keep them contained downstairs at night).  The cats were so annoying all morning.  I asked Thing 1 several times if he had fed the cats (three times, I'm pretty sure) and even asked him to show the cats that they had food (For years, I fed them.  They're still getting used to Thing 1 feeding them).  He did.  So at this point it should be clear - the cats have food, they're just being a special brand of annoying today). Finally I went downstairs to do some laundry and noticed....the bowls were EMPTY.  I was already irritated at Thing 1 for asking me for the 100th time "can I play Wii", "can I have a chocolate muffin with my snack".  This did not leave me in a continued "best of moods" mood.  And all day, I was apparently Thing 1's go to for entertainment, though I told him like usual "you are in charge of your own fun."  So this brings me to my point.  Poor Ma Ingalls.  At the end of the day (before daddy got home) I finally told Thing 1 to put the TV on.  I just was done with it.  And it got me thinking.  Poor Ma Ingalls.  When the kids were driving her bananas, she didn't have the TV to flip on to save her poor mind from losing itself.  When it was blizzarding outside, what did poor Ma Ingalls do?  She just lost her mind a little more....  Poor Ma Ingalls.

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  1. It is so hard to imagine a life so much different then ours. I wonder if she had her own little tricks to ease the cabin fever of those long cold days and nights. Days like yours seem to go on forever but just like God's mercies for us are new every morning so are ours for our precious little ones. Take some time to enjoy the peace when they are asleep and rejoice that tomorrow will be (hopefully) a better day:)Thanks for sharing your heart.
    Rebecca Vahdat