Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are you a nurse?

So today I started a new journey.  I went back to school. 

The summer before I got pregnant with Addie, I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up. I will be a nurse (someday).

I went to school that year, and even signed up for classes the following fall (Addie would have been 2 months old), and I decided that would have been crazy and unregistered. I wanted to focus on my family.

Well, Addie is going to Kindergarten this year, so back I go.

I had my first class today, and afterwards I stopped at the McDonald's by my house and was greeted by a very friendly, older woman taking my money.  I recognized her.  I don't stop often, but she is so friendly and complementary, I remembered her.  She didn't fail to love me up today.

She said that I looked very nice, and I mentioned back to her that, though I don't stop often, I remember her as she is so friendly and completmentary.  After a bit more chit chat, she asked,

"Are you a nurse?"

The question caught me by surprise and I smiled and replied that, funny you should ask, I just got done with my first class today.  That my youngest was going to Kindergarten and I was going back this year for nursing.

She held up her hand to high five me and said I was going to make a good nurse and 'congratulations girl'.

I doubt she knows that I see this as sign that I'm on the right track.  Maybe she does. 

I prayed on the way to school that God would guide me in my decisions, and to be with me during my slightly nervous first day and all the way till I'm done done with all my school goals. I prayed that I would be open to God's plan and to use me the best way possible.

I wish I had caught her name.  God is using her well.  I pray that I make that big of an impact in my career and life.