Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Summer Bucket List

     So I was inspired by another blogger's awesome idea of making a Summer Bucket List for the kids.

     Today's springy weather got me talking about my Bucket List with my next door neighbor, great friend, "aunt" who often helps wrangle my children so we can go out on adventures.  I will take, want, need all the help I can get.  She's awesome.
     Here's my Short List...  This will hopefully grow as I find things to do.  (Still trying to picture how I will make this a fun visual thing for the kids.)
  • Sculpture Park
  • Walk to local Ice Cream store for cones
  • Decorate Bikes/Trikes
  • Picnic at the Park
  • Living Room Sleepover
  • Baseball game?
  • Sno cones
  • Water balloon fight
  • Children's Museum
  • Water park
  • Como
  • Treat Tuesday
  • Craft Thursday
  • Catch fireflies
  • Bonfires (hopefully lots, at least with Thing 1)
  • Write letters
  • Make forts
  • Sonic happy hour
  • Lake Harriet walk around with ice cream after
  • Local city swimming area
Have any other ideas???

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