Monday, July 9, 2012

Back at it...

....I have less than 2 weeks till I say "I do" or I will, or whatever it is that I wrote into my vows ;).  And Thank the Good Lord! that it's not more.  I'm so sick of wedding stuff, and all the stress it entails, I could yak.  The next time DD and I get married, we're eloping.  JK. 

So after a less than relaxing trip up North for a "vacation" (that's a whole other post), I'm back at finishing up the last details.  And I keep going back in my head to a little funny DD said the other day.  It involved me and a squirt gun.  We had been on my neighbors porch the other night and DD and I had just missed a very spirited discussion about politics between two of our neighbors.  I told them I was going to get one of the kids squirt guns out if they kept it up.  Somehow it morphed (via DD) into me having a squirt gun at the wedding if people got out of line. 

So now in my head, when I need a little chuckle, I picture me, in my wedding dress, all gussied up, with the biggest super soaker made, strapped to my back.  Anyone gets lippy, or starts complaining about something, all I have to do is reach over my shoulder, grab my water gun and BAM! they get a good squirt of water.  (Think Princess Vespa in Spaceballs, in her wedding dress, gun in hand, after she blows the smoke out of her (yes I know) real gun after she blows down a bunch of clones - I promise I would only use a water gun ;) )

This makes me chuckle.  It possibly might keep me sane in the next two weeks. 

Good day all.  I'm going to call my seamstress and see if my dress is done.  I wonder if it's too late to sew in a holster???

Thanks Natalie for the pic!

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