Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Short and sweet...

...Cause I should be making signs for the wedding right now... and a bunch of other crap, er I mean stuff.

I'm wondering if I get my picture taken for my new license?  I'm down with that.  My current picture is of me with more, not less, of me to love as I currently am...  Yes that sounds vain I know.  And I don't really get carded much these days anyway, mostly becuase I don't go out that much A.C. as B.C. (before children you know).  Anywho, I'm hoping I do.  New name, new pic?

Also, a friend shared this with me, and it's so damn funny I HAD to share it with all 10's of you that will read this.

Read here, and prepary to laugh.  Even if you're not knee dip in wedding stuff, you'll find this funny!

1 comment:

  1. That rsvp made me true, especially the people who said they were coming, then didn't come and I had to pay for them anyway! And we all know those damn country clubs don't let you take the leftovers home. No bitterness, though! :) Good luck w/ the dl pic, mine is still MO (a year + later!), should get that updated soon-ish...