Sunday, May 13, 2012

5 Week Challenge, and some other stuff

So after some busy days (and waking up on my own a little early today), let's talk about "The body", sunshine, gardening and other stuff. 

Today is technically day 7 of the first week of the 5 Week Challenge I have embarked on.  And technically speaking, I'm taking the day off - at least off of a super hard physical work out.  I'm pooped quite frankly.  Here's my week in recap.

Day 1 - strong start - good work out then weeding my garden all day.  I found a nest of baby chickadees in the pole of our satellite dish.  They're kind of cute to listen to when mama comes around with worms.
Day 2 - made myself go after said strong start and felt good I did
Day 3 - DD left early for work (no gym for me) and I tried to get some time in on the old Nordic Track we have.  Didn't go well for many reasons (mostly kid related), ended up doing yoga instead (not quite so strenuous, but at least I did something).
Day 4 - I slept through my alarm.  I really need to put my phone (alarm) away where my arm can't just shut it off on auto pilot.  Sorry, DD, you might have to learn to sleep through it, like I've learned to sleep through yours.  I finished weeding the garden.  Yeah, there were that many weeds
Day 5 - DD left early again for work, so again no gym for me.  Didn't even do yoga this time.  Thing 2 woke up early, and cuddle time on the couch got the best of me.  I did do some random work outside so I at least got some movement in.
Day 6 - Laid sod, was ATTACKED by my allergies (think spigot opening) reworked the mounds in my garden, and planted the garden.  Took shower and was comatose the rest of evening - THANK YOU DD for taking over kid responsibilities - I was done last night!
Day 7 - today, I'm a little sore from yesterday, and it's Mother's Day, and mmmm, if I think a little longer I'm sure I could find another reason not to go to the gym.  Are they even open on such a solemn holiday as this??? ;)  I will probably take the kids for a walk (or maybe I'll take a quite one myself)  Today is going to be another amazing weather day - I will not miss it.

So, in recap: 
*For the challenge, I did O.K.  could have been better.  Could have done worse.
*I need to move my phone away from my immediate arm range (this shouldn't be too hard - I have T-rex arms)
*I hope the baby birds survive the curiosity of my children and the heat.
*Allergies suck (this was a monster attack I think brought on by the sod laying?
*Apart from the allergy attack, I'm so thankful, it is not my every day job to lay sod - Holy Guacamole would I be in great shape if it was!
* I'm happy the garden is in (short of one pack of seeds and a few more pepper plants).
*Today is MOTHER'S DAY!!!  It is one of my two self declared P.T.O. days.  Today I shall neither "cook nor change diapers" :)

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  Enjoy your kids, the day, the sun, and everything else the good Lord has blessed you with :)

A view of the garden, and the satelite pole, a.k.a home to our new bird friends.


  1. Oh my word. Your garden is amazeballs. I wish I had a garden...

    1. Thank you :) I love the word amazeballs. Only my coolest friends say that ;D