Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Heart the Interweb...

So DD and I have decided to get married this summer (I’m assuming there are some of you whose jaw just dropped, for various reasons).  A small, simple, tasteful occasion is what I’m trying to plan. (Though the small part keeps growing, and does it count for tasteful that I’m making a “washroom” around and covering the port a potty with a tent?)  I’ve got most of the important stuff done, and now I’m trying to get more of the fun stuff done (decorations, food, etc.)  Seriously, how did people do anything before the interweb (as my favorite T.V. doc would say)?

                Where’s the best price for flowers?  What exactly can I all get at Costco?  Where can I get white lunch bags?  Ask the internet.  I’ve pre-shopped my dress, my bridesmaid’s dresses, and shoes.    And don’t forget Pinterest with its plethora of ideas on everything!   I’ve learned it won’t be a good idea to have a unity candle because what if it’s windy? (It’s an outdoor ceremony).  As the article said “Awwwwkard if it blows out!” 

                And I’m praying it won’t rain that day….I wonder if I can Google a way to figure out that???? ;)

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